2023 Opioid Settlement Participation Forms

Good afternoon!

Below is a message that was sent on February 13th to the 312 local governments primary contacts. Since there is a new settlement with five additional companies, each local government must submit a new participation form to receive the additional funds. 

Please find more information below. The participation form must be completed by April 7th. 

If you have questions, please reach out to myself or Katie First.


Dear Regional Opioid Council Representatives,
We are pleased to inform you that Colorado has reached settlement agreements with five additional opioid companies (Allergan, CVS, TEVA, Walgreens, Walmart).
In order for Colorado to maximize its share of the settlement proceeds, these opioid settlements (like prior opioid settlements) require that Colorado’s Local Governments participate in the settlements by releasing their opioid-related legal claims against the settling Defendants.
On Monday, February 13th, the Colorado Attorney General’s Office emailed the 312 Participating Local Governments (PLGs) in the 19 Regions to request completion of Participation Forms for 5 new national opioid settlements (Allergan, CVS, TEVA, Walgreens, Walmart). Attached, please find a PDF with the email that was sent to the PLG Primary Contacts.
These Participation Forms are due to the State by April 7th, either submitted through this Google form or send to
Only the designated government representatives can submit these forms. Please see this Google Drive folder for the list of current participating local government contacts for your region. If there has been a change to a contact, please email
The current estimated total additional allocations from these settlements to all Regions, will result in over $200 million additional funds to the 19 Regions. In total, this will result in over $740 million to Colorado over roughly 18 years.
For each of these settlements, there will be an increase both to the Regional Share (60%) and Local Government Share (20%). As a result, for each Local Government’s participation, the default allocation for the Region will increase, as well as the individual Local Government Allocation which they may “opt-out” of to re-direct to the regional pool.
As a reminder, the “opt-out” decisions will carry over by default, so once Local Governments complete the Participation Forms, the allocations will be added to the regional pool. Local Governments will have the opportunity to change their “opt-out” decision annually in the fall of each year.
For the estimates per region for each of these new settlements, click here. For the estimates for the Local Governments that opted-in to receive their funds and not divert their funds to the region, please click here.
These new allocations DO NOT include the previously provided estimated allocations and will be added to the previous estimated total funding over 18 years. We hope to provide a more detailed breakdown of the expected allocation available for Year 2 of funding (available for request September 15th, 2023) in the coming months via our opioid settlement dashboard:
We will be providing ongoing updates to all our regional primary contacts as we complete this process and appreciate your assistance in ensuring that we are provide information to the correct local government contacts for your region.
Please let us know if there are any recommended changes to the local government contact for your region in this this Google Drive folder.
Warmest regards,
Opioid Response Unit
Heidi, Jamie, Jack, Robyn & Mindy
The Opioid Response Unit
Division of Community Engagement, Office of the Colorado Attorney General
P: 720-508-6904 |
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