Tax notices are mailed out by the end of January.  If you have not received yours by February 14 of the current year, please contact our office.  

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For general questions or assistance with tax payments, please contact us.

About us:

The Archuleta County Treasurer is the chief custodian of all Archuleta County funds. 

The County Treasurer is an elected official with 4-year terms. Elsa P. White took office in 2019 and is now serving a second term.

The Treasurer's office is responsible for:

• Mailing property tax statements to the owner of record.

• Collecting property taxes.

• Disbursing taxes to the taxing authorities (school districts, cities/towns, the county, fire districts, special districts, etc.).

• Receiving and depositing all monies sent to Archuleta County.

• Maintaining correct and proper accounting of all monies.

• Disbursing monies for obligations of the County by the orders of the Board of County Commissioners.

• Investing county monies until they are needed.

Article XIV, Section 8 of the Constitution of the State of Colorado is the authority by which the Treasurer operates. Activities of the office are directed by the Legislature of the State of Colorado through the Statutes.

The Treasurer does not determine the amount of tax to be collected. Property Tax is determined by the Assessor's Office.