Department Mission

The Finance Department provides financial related services to the County and supports the management of the County’s resources.

Core Services

  • Audit:

    Working with external auditors to improve the integrity of the County’s financial reports and records.
  • Accounts Payable:

    Paying the County’s bills.
  • Capital Asset Management:

    Managing large capital assets.
  • Budgeting:

    Assisting the Budget Officer in the creation of an annual budget, and using that budget to control expenditures and support ongoing decision making.
  • Contracts and Procurement:

    Assisting in the execution of contracts and major procurement actions.
  • Financial Monitoring:

    Monitoring the financial status of the County.
  • Financial Reporting:

    Providing financial reports to administrators, other government entities and the general public.
  • Financial Record Management:

    Maintenance of financial records in accordance with laws and regulations.
  • Fund Management:

    Management of the various County funds.
  • Grant Management:

    Assisting in the management of various grants.
  • Internal Control:

    Establishing and enforcing sound internal control.
  • Payroll:

    Payment of employees.

Key Performance Indicators

The following performance measures are used to insure the department is performing adequately:

  • Annual Audit Opinion:

    Clean opinion, with no findings, or only minor findings.
  • Expenditures:

    Within budget, in every fund.
  • Fund Balances:

    Target balances met or exceeded, with adequate reserves in all funds.
  • Core Processes:

    Fully executed and according to schedule.