Request to Inspect Criminal Justice Records Form

In accordance with Colorado revised statutes, 19-1-301 through 304, concerning children’s code records and information act and 24-72-201 through 206, concerning inspection, copying and photographing public records, and 24-72-301 through 24-72-309 concerning criminal justice records, the ACSO will provide, for public inspection, records in the custody of the sheriff’s office which are legally allowed within the provision of the above referenced statutes. The sheriff’s office is authorizing dissemination only to the below requestor in accordance with CRS 24-72-304, secondary dissemination may violate this statute and will not be the responsibility of the sheriff’s office. To request a copy of a record you must complete this form, which will be retained in the file of the requested record.

Per CRS 24-72-205 (6) (a), a non-refundable research/retrieval fee of $5.00 will be assessed for every request to inspect public records, whether or not the requested record is located. Actual costs will include staff time. There is no charge for the first hour of searching. After the first hour, a $33.00 per hour fee will be assessed. The $5.00 initial fee will be applied to actual costs. Any fees charged will include the cost of redacting documents to protect privileged material.

Questions regarding records request can be made at 970-264-8432.

Records Request  Form