Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking can happen anywhere and anyone can be a victim of human trafficking. Human trafficking is a crime that involves the severe exploitation of another person for the purposes of compelled labor or commercial sex using force, fraud, or coercion. 

Human trafficking may not be visible or very obvious. There are potential risk factors that could make someone more vulnerable to trafficking. Some if these risk factors include, but are not limited to: 

  • Lack of economic opportunity
  • Housing insecurity 
  • Any unstable living environment
  • Any substance use 
  • Lack of support from family, friends
  • Lack of access to services
  • People of color
  • Foreign nationals
  • Undocumented immigrants 
  • People with disabilities
  • Youth involved in the child welfare and/or juvenile system

A trafficker can be of any race, gender, or social or economic status. Often a trafficker is someone the victim may know and trust. They could be an intimate partner, employer, friend, or a family member. Traffickers often make promises of a better life, offer legal status or they could make threats and become violent. Traffickers may withhold basic needs, such as food, shelter, or health services. They could put the victim in a position where they constantly owe them money (debt bondage). 

These are some of the factors and ways traffickers operate. To learn more go to  

To leave a tip or get assistance contact the Colorado Human Trafficking Hotline: call 866-455-5075 or text 720-999-9724