Improperly Divided Parcels (IDP)

Do you have property in Archuleta County less than 35 acres in size, located outside of a recorded Subdivision?  If so, you should check to make sure it is a Legal Lot.  If not, you have a one-year opportunity to make your property a Legal Lot by Resolution in 2019.

Any parcel under 35 acres created since 1972 (when SB35 was passed by the Colorado Legislature) must be approved by the Board of County Commissioners through Subdivision Review, or exempted from Review, according to Colorado Statutes CRS §30-28-101(10)(a). Archuleta County Board of County Commissioners have adopted Resolution 2018-54 providing a one-time process to legalize by exemption certain Improperly Divided Parcels (IDPs) which have not been previously reviewed and approved.  This under 35-acre exemption is available for parcels recorded with the Archuleta County Clerk & Recorder's Office between 9/1/1972 and 5/23/2006.

Legal Lot: A Lot, Parcel or Tract of land created prior to September 1, 1972; or after that date by Subdivision Review or exempted from Subdivision Review by the Board of County Commissioners.

If your lot is in a legal Subdivision, the IDP application does not apply.

IDP Applications are now being accepted, with an application fee of $300.

* Section 2 Vacant Parcel

* Section 3 Parcel with Structure having a Certificate of Occupancy or Built prior to 1996

* Section 4 Parcel with Structure having no Certificate of Occupancy (built after 1996 or insufficient documentation)