DIY Land Management

Information for Do-It-Yourself Land Managers

​Licensed Private Applicators

Definition of a private applicator pulled from the Colorado Department of Ag website:

​ “A person who uses or supervises the use of a restricted-use-pesticide for the purpose of producing an agricultural commodity on property owned or leased by the applicator or the applicator’s employer or, if the pesticide is applied without compensation other than trading of personal services between producers of agricultural commodities, on the property of another person must be a licensed private applicator.”

​ For more information on the licensing process visit the state website

Application Records

Restricted-use-pesticide application records must be maintained for a minimum of three years. It is a good practice to keep records for all herbicide applications whether or not they are restricted use. A template of an application record is available here.  


​Always make sure to calibrate your spray equipment before applying herbicides. This will ensure that you are using the label rate. The label is the law and deviating from these requirements is a violation of federal law! Here are instructions for calibrating a backpack or handgun sprayer and boom or atv sprayers.

Other inquiries and further information

​Further questions regarding licensing, application records, calibration, herbicide recommendations, and alternative methods of control can be directed to the Weed and Pest Supervisor by either email or phone.