Local Weed Advisory Board

Expectations of the board:

1. Attend three regular meetings: pre-season, mid-season, and post-season, an annual meeting in January, and special meetings that may be called by the Chairman, the Weed and Pest Supervisor, the Director of Public Works, the County Administrator, or the BoCC. Two consecutive unexcused absences will constitute resignation from the board.

2. Review and update the Integrated Pest Management Plan at least every three years.

3. Keep apprised of the latest weed and pest concerns and recommend best control methods. Declare noxious weeds and state noxious weeds to be managed by the Integrated Pest Management Plan.

4. No more than five members on the board.

5. Term limits of four years (two members of initial board will serve two year terms, the rest will serve four).

6. If applicant pool is unsatisfactory then a member can be reinstated on the board.

6. Elect a Chairman and Secretary annually.

Eligibility requirements of the weed advisory board:

1. Majority of the board must be landowners of over 40 (forty) acres.

2. Must be a resident of Archuleta County (either the unincorporated portion or the municipality).
Follow the link below to open application and nomination form.