Public Meeting Information

Archuleta County Board of Commissioners Meetings

The Archuleta County Board of Commissioners meets on the first and third Tuesday of each month in the Archuleta County Administration Building in the meeting room. The meetings usually begin at 1:30 pm. The board sets its regular meeting days at the first part of the year during their reorganization process.

Boards & Commissions

For board and commission meeting information and details, see the Boards page.

Open Public Forums

On months containing three Tuesdays, an open public forum will be held with the time and place to be announced.

Special Meetings

Special meetings may be held periodically during the year. Those meetings will be posted giving the public a 24-hour notice.

Public Comments

The board will allow public comments that do not pertain to an agenda item at the beginning of each meeting and again at the end of the meeting. Any time you are speaking before the board, they request you hold your comments to three minutes.


Agendas are posted outside the County Administration's Building, and on the Board of County Commissioners Agendas, Minutes, and Videos page.


Minutes are taken by the County Clerk or deputy. All minutes are stored in the Clerk’s Office. The meetings are also recorded. The official minutes are the minutes the board actually signs once it approves them. Copies of the recorded minutes may be purchased by sending a request to the County Clerk. The fee is $25 per CD. View the Agendas, Meetings, and Videos page.