Mobile Homes

There are two types of mobile homes, purged and un-purged.

If a mobile home is purged, it is part of the real property. There is an inspection that must be done to make sure the home is permanently attached per requirements and documents that must be sent to the state (including the MCO,MSO or title). Once a Mobile home has been purged and is part of the real property there is only one parcel/account number, and only a deed is required to transfer the property. The process for purging a mobile home involves the Assessor’s Office, the Clerk and Recorder’s Office and the Treasurer’s Office.

If a mobile home is un-purged, it still has a title and will have a separate parcel/account number from the property on which it is placed. If a piece of property with an un-purged mobile home is sold with the home, the title must be transferred in the Clerk and Recorder’s office, just like a motor vehicle. If the property is sold and the mobile home is to be moved, the owner must go to the Treasurer's Office and obtain a Tax Authentication Certificate and a moving permit.