Submitting Checklist

Checklist for Submitting

By checking these items, you may avoid rejection of the documents you submit for recording:
  • Check is enclosed and payable to Archuleta County Clerk and Recorder.
  • Check is signed.
  • Document quality is good, and text is legible.
  • Fees are correct.
  • Grantee’s address is showing on the face of any deed exchanging property, where tax statements should be mailed. If this address does not appear, your documents will be automatically rejected.
  • Instructions are included for staff stating the order in which you wish documents to be recorded.
  • Legal description is complete.
  • Margins are sufficient. Sufficient margins include a 1-inch top margin and half-inch left, right, and bottom margins. C.R..S.30-10-406(3)(a)
  • Return address is on all documents in the lower, left-front corner.
  • State Documentary Fee is included, which is 10 cents per $1,000 that exchanged hands.
  • You are submitting the document to the correct county.
  • Legal Description is in the correct county.