Animal Regulations

Vaccination, Control and Impoundment of Dogs Resolution 

This Resolution was adopted on August 2, 2022. This goes over the vaccination, control and impoundment of dogs in Archuleta County, Colorado. 


Barking Dog

"Nuisance dog" shall mean loud, habitual and persistent barking, howling, yelping or whining by a dog, which can be heard beyond the boundary of the property of such Owner for more than twenty (20) minutes at any time of the day or night whether the dog is on or off the premises of the Owner. Nuisance Dogs are deemed to be dogs that are not under their control of their Owner.

Process for Reporting a Barking Dog

Please fill out the barking dog complaint form which you can deliver in person, fax or email to

  • If the complainant is unable to print a copy of the form or access the web link, the complainant can contact the Archuleta County Combined Dispatch non-emergent number at 970-731-2160 and can request contact by an Archuleta County Sheriff's Deputy in relation to a barking dog. 
  • The complainant can also request a hard copy of the complaint form at the front desk of the Archuleta County Sheriff's Office, located at 85 Harman Park Drive. 
  • Upon receipt of a fully complete and signed Barking Dog Complaint Form, Archuleta County Sheriff's Office will issue a written warning to the Owner/Address of the dog considered to be a nuisance.
  • If the issue is not resolved after ten days and within six months of the issuance of the written warning, Archuleta County Sheriff's Office may issue a citation for subsequent nuisance barking, provided that a complainant signs a subsequent Barking Dog Complaint Form attesting to the noise. If a second offense is charged within six months of the first citation or summons, an additional citation or summons may be issued without a preceding warning notice.


  • Dogs shall be kept under control by their Owners at all times.
  • No Owner shall willingly and knowingly permit a dog to be a Nuisance dog as defined herein. Willingly and knowingly shall be defined as the Owner of the dog having received one prior warning, in writing, given by any Enforcement Personnel, notifying the Owner that the dog is considered a Nuisance dog.

Authorized Enforcement Personnel

  • Any Peace Officer is authorized to enforce the provisions of this Resolution. 
  • Any person designated as an Animal Control Officer by the Board and/or the Archuleta County Sheriff's Office is authorized to enforce the provisions of this Resolution. 

Violations and Penalties

In addition to each and all of the enforcement provisions provided for herein, the following penalties shall apply:

First Offense:  $100.00
Second Offense:  $250.00
Third Offense:  $500.00

Each subsequent offense:  $1,000.00

These penalties shall be imposed with regard to the violator and not the subject dog.