Treasurer Deeds

Treasurer’s Deed Applications

After a lien is 3 years old, the lien holder may apply for a Treasurer’s Deed. The treasurer will follow Colorado Revised Statutes in administering this process.

For Property Owners:

1. When you receive a Letter to Property Owner informing you of the

application for a treasurer deed on your property, call 970-264-8330 right away.

This process may be your last opportunity to prevent the loss of your
2. If at any time you are able to pay off the lien, please call for the

correct balance and complete an Affidavit for Redemption to

submit with your payment of either cash or cashier's check.

3. Please call us with any questions, 970-264-8325 option 1.

For Lien Holders:

  1. Read our Treasurer Deed Process.
  2. Please contact the treasurer's office for a Treasurer's Deed Application.
  3. Send the Treasurer's Deed Application with a deposit check payable to Archuleta County Treasurer for $1,100.00.
  4. Pay any unendorsed subsequent taxes and extra expenses when notified by the treasurer's office.