The Archuleta County Transfer Stations were established to provide a convenient location to dispose of limited quantities of Solid Waste and Recycling materials. However, the facilities' capabilities in handling materials are limited due to size and resources. 

Archuleta County's recycling center is located at the Transfer Station on Trujillo Road (CR 500), and open Tuesday through Saturday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. 
There Is No Charge, for RECYCLING!!!!!!!! 
                                                                                               e-waste charges still apply

                                                                           Household Trash Only at Pagosa Transfer Station

                                                              All Furniture and Construction Materials must go to Landfill                                                                                             


Pagosa Transfer Station                   Arboles Transfer Station

                                                                          Phone: 970-264-3311                                              Phone:970-883-2644
 Location:                                                                   Location: 
2140 CR 500 (Trujillo Road)                                     95 CR 973
 Pagosa Springs, CO 81147                                       Arboles, CO 81147
Hours of Operation:                                                Hours of Operation:
 Tuesday - Saturday                                                   Friday and Saturday
 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM                                                10:00 AM to 5:00PM

                                                       Cash or Check Only


Solid waste conveyed to any facility within Archuleta County must be covered or secured in such a manner that the waste cannot be scattered upon the streets. FINES will be assessed to all uncovered or unsecured loads. 


  • Load size is limited to 2 cubic yards (average pickup bed) per day. 
  •  Bulky items such as furniture are not accepted at the Pagosa Transfer Station and must go to the Landfill. 
  • All construction Materials must go to landfill.
  • Now accepting refrigerators and other household freon holding appliances at Landfill and Pagosa Transfer Station.
  • Trailers 4 feet and smaller may use the Pagosa Transfer Station. 


Recycling helps to reduce landfill space, conserve natural resources and keep solid waste disposal fees low. Please ensure that all materials being recycled are identified in the list below. If you have items that are not listed below, please dispose of them with your regular garbage or at a facility that can accept them. Prepare the recyclable materials by emptying contents, rinsing away solids and removing caps as needed in order to ensure the material can be accepted and recycled. 


Plastics - Please remove all lids and remove contents, NO plastic bags.    
Recycle#1 Plastic - Soda Pop or Water Bottles. Some clear bottles may not have a number.
#2 Plastic - Milk or Soap / Detergent bottles. 
#3-7 Plastic are not accepted as recyclables.



Paper - Newspaper (advertising inserts are ok). 
Any bound material, such as magazines, books, phone books, can only be accepted if all staples & binding are removed and pages are loose.


 Corrugated cardboard, pressboard/pasteboard (cereal and noodle boxes, etc.).
 Packing Paper, white or brown, all brown paper bags. 


 Aluminum Cans ONLY. 
 Aluminum foil and or pans will NOT be accepted in this category. -  See Category V below. 


 Steel, Tin and Aluminum foil and pans. Please remove all contents and rinse.

E-Waste - Electronic items varying from keyboards, DVD payers, printers, etc. 
 Televisions and Computer Monitors are now being accepted. 

  •  Televisions, Any size - $35.00 each
  •  CRT Computer Monitors - $20.00 each
  •  Flat Screen computer monitors (up to 24") - $5.00 each

Other Items to be recycled and locations.

Fire Extinguisher Recycle, Inspection and Testing.
  • Peak Performance Fire & Safety Solutions, Pagosa Springs - 970-398-1768
  • Summit Fire & Sec., Farmington - 505-327-1933
  • ABC Fire and Safety, Durango - 970-259-9000
  • Empire Fire & Safety - 970-560-1265, 303-451-0975
  • Noriega Fire Protection - 505-670-3658