Magnesium Chloride Application

Archuleta County Road and Bridge Crews will start the Magnesium Chloride (Mag) application approximately May 1st, weather permitting.  Approximately 140 miles of County Roads will receive a Mag application. Depending on the application rate crews can complete 5 to 7 miles of road and apply 25 to 30 thousand gallons per day. Generally, a crew consists of 4 motorgraders, 5 to 6 water trucks, and 2 flagmen. The Mag supplier provides 2 to 3 transport trucks and the distributor truck.

Due to decreasing budgets the County will only be doing one application of Mag per year. The roads selected to receive Mag are roads in the primary system with 200 ADT or more. 

For those roads the County will not be applying Mag, residents may pay for the material cost and the County will perform all necessary work efforts to apply the Mag. If residents have any questions on purchasing Mag for their road, they can contact Road & Bridge

Deadline for residents to purchase Mag application is mid-April every year.