Land Use Applications

Planning Department Land Use Applications

A Land Use Permit is required for most types of development, except for new Single Family homes and associated Accessory Structures (specific exemptions are listed in the Land Use Regulations).  To apply for a Land Use Permit, contact the Planning Department for information you will need specific to your project.  An in-person Pre-Application Conference is required at our office for most projects. Staff will be happy to help you through the process, 970-264-1390, or email

  • Land Use Permit Application  A blank application form to print, to be completed with information required by your Pre-Application Checklist, and signed by owner of record (Land Use Permit fillable form PDF ).  A new online application will be available for Vacation Rental Permits beginning the 1st of October, after completing a Pre-Application Conference.
  • Floodplain Development Permit Checklist for project on a parcel in a Special Flood Hazard Area (floodplain) or LOMR-Fill.  To be completed by a qualified professional surveyor, engineer or architect and attached to Land Use Permit, with property owner's signature.
  • Change of Use, Tenant or Owner Application Attach to Land Use Permit Application.
  • Lot Consolidation Packet  When you would like to consolidate lots; contact Planning and we will help get you started.
  • Improperly Divided Parcel (Resolution 2018-54) application to legalize >35 acres created without Board approval, for calendar year 2019.
  • Address Change Application Checklist and application for requesting an address change.