4-H Youth Development

The 4-H Youth Development Program is a growing, changing, and evolving organization of youth, volunteers, and paid staff who work together to provide a safe environment where Colorado 4-H youth develop life skills.

The 4-H Youth Development Program is unique from other youth organizations through its relationship with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA); Colorado State University (CSU), the state’s land-grand university; and Cooperative Extension (CE). With public, corporate, and private sector funding, the programs are researched-based, age-appropriate, and designed for experiential learning. 4-H Youth Development programs are open to all economic, social, and cultural groups.

The 4-H Calendar Year

The 4-H calendar year begins October 1 and runs through September 30. New enrollment and re-enrollment generally continues until the first of the year. Most projects will get underway by February with some beginning as early as October and some as late at May. The culmination of the 4-H year is realized at the Archuleta County Fair in August and the Colorado State Fair in September.