Mission Statement 

The mission of the Archuleta County Clerk & Recorder’s Office Election Department is to serve the public of Archuleta County by performing all constitutional and statutory duties, ensuring the integrity of elections.

The Election Department is run by the County Clerk & Recorder who is the Chief Election Official for all Archuleta County Elections. The Election Department conducts all Federal, State, County and School District Elections in addition to conducting Coordinated Elections for Special Districts. The Election Department also serves as the custodian of all voter registration records for voters in Archuleta County.

How do I register to vote?  

  • A citizen of the United States
  • A resident of the State of Colorado and the precinct in which the person intends to register for at least 22 days immediately prior to the election
  • At least 16 Years old
No person while serving a sentence of detention or confinement in a correctional facility, jail location a felony conviction or while serving a sentence of parole shall be eligible to register to vote or vote in any election.

Anyone registering to vote must sign the self-affirmation.

Self Affirmation 
I affirm that I am a citizen of the United States; I have been a resident of Colorado for at least twenty-two days immediately before an election I intend to vote in; I am at least sixteen years old; and I understand that I must be at least seventeen and turning eighteen on or before the date of the next general election to be eligible to vote in a primary election, and at least eighteen to be eligible to vote in any other election.  I further affirm that the residence address I provided is my sole legal place of residence.  I certify under penalty of perjury that the information I have provided on this application is true to the best of my knowledge and belief; and that I have not, nor will I, cast more than one ballot in any election.

Identification Requirements

Every person who registers to vote for the first time in Colorado must provide a copy of an acceptable ID, with some exceptions:
  • The person provides a Colorado driver's license or state ID card number and the information is verified. This check is performed automatically when the application is processed. 
  • The person provides the last four digits of his or her social security number and the information is verified through Help America Vote Verification. The Secretary of State's office performs this check monthly.
  • The applicant falls into one of three groups exempt under federal law from providing a copy of ID: 
    • Individuals with a disability
    • Individuals 65 or older
    • Military and overseas members

Registering for the 1st time or updating your current registration:

If you have a valid Colorado Driver's License you may register online by visiting www.govotecolorado.gov. Once registered, you may visit www.govotecolorado.gov to view and/or update your voter registration record, and track your ballot status.

You may also register when you apply for or renew your Colorado Driver’s License.

In addition, you may register to vote at the Archuleta County Election’s office, the Department of Human Services or via an approved Voter Registration Drive.

Lastly, you may print the voter registration form and return it to the Archuleta County Election's Office by mail or email.