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Bid Number: RFQ: 5216-13-001
Bid Title: Cloman Park Picnic Shelter
Category: Construction
Status: Closed

Archuleta County is seeking quotes for the design and construction of a simple shelter at Cloman Park (near the Archuleta County airport). The shelter will consist of a concrete slab of 16’ x 23’, with a durable roof overhead, protecting two picnic tables. Construction is expected to begin in mid-October and be completed by mid to late November of 2013. Time is of the essence, as all ground preparation and concrete work must beat the coming freeze. Quotes are due to be received (or at least postmarked) by October 11, 2013. Note that a maximum of $12,500 is approved for this project.


This is a Request for Quotes only. No responder will be obligated in any way by providing the information requested. Likewise, Archuleta County will not be obligated in any way by requesting, receiving or reviewing the responses. However, the County may (or may not) choose to enter into negotiations with one (or more) respondent, towards a construction award.


The project consists of the following:

1. Create and provide at least two sets of plans for the new structure. The plans must meet the 2006 IBC code (International Building Code). In addition, for this location the required snow load should be at least 65 pounds per square foot, the frost depth at least 42 inches and the design must endure a wind speed of 90mph with exposure C.
2. The plans do not need to be prepared by an engineer or architect. However, a Colorado Certified Architect or Engineer must review and sign off on the plans, noting that they meet the above requirements.
3. Grade and prepare the site, so that water drains away from the structure in all directions.
4. Construct a concrete slab 16 feet x 23 feet and to a suitable depth to insure durability. The depth must be specified in the plans.
5. Erect a snow-shedding roof covering the slab. The posts supporting the roof structure must be set to a depth of at least 42”. The soffit ends must extend at least 2 feet beyond the slab. The gabled ends should be south and north facing and also extend at least 2 feet beyond the slab.
6. No walls, windows or doors shall be constructed.
7. Two picnic tables (already on-site and each of dimensions 5x8 feet) will be installed under the roof, and shall be anchored such as to make theft unlikely. Anchoring provision should be included in the design.
8. Gravel shall be laid around the perimeter of the slab, to a depth of at least 2 inches, starting at the outside edges of slab, and extending at least 6 feet out from each edge.


The quotes should show the following detail:
1. Cost of Materials.
2. Cost of Labor.
3. Any other Costs.
4. Total Cost.
5. A rough sketch of the design.
6. The proposed depth of the concrete slab.
7. Expected snow load of the roof.
8. A brief description of the construction and roofing materials to be used. For example, use of ProPanel or asphalt shingles, wood versus steel support posts, etc…

In addition, the General Contractor/Builder should indicate the following in their quote:

9. How many days the quote will be valid. (The minimum acceptable is 30 days).
10. How many days will be required for completion of project (after being notified of the County’s acceptance)?
11. Confirmation that the Contractor/Builder will have and maintain Worker’s Compensation insurance at the minimum statutory amount and covering all persons employed on the job.
12. Information about recent projects completed (at least one), along with the name, phone and/or email of the clients served.


Responses should be submitted in an envelope marked “DESIGN/BUILD A SHELTER FOR CLOMAN PARK” and mailed or delivered to the following address, no later than October 11, 2013:

Gwen Taylor, PROST Committee Chair, and
Larry Walton, Contracts & Procurement Officer
Archuleta County
Finance Office
PO Box 1507
449 San Juan Street
Pagosa Springs, CO 81147
Publication Date/Time:
10/3/2013 2:00 PM
Publication Information:
County Website
Closing Date/Time:
10/11/2013 11:59 PM
Submittal Information:
If mailed, must be postmarked by Oct. 11, 2013
Contact Person:
Gwen Taylor
PROST Committee Chair
(970) 731-0305
For General Contractors and Builders

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