Vacation Rental Permits

As of October 2018, you may use your dwelling as a short-term rental for less than 30-days at a time with an Archuleta County Vacation Rental Permit.  A Vacation Rental Permit must be approved before you begin short-term rentals.


To begin the Vacation Rental Permit Application process, please click here and create an account...

Once your account is verified, you will need to contact Pamela Flowers ( or at (970) 264-8381) to link your property record to your login. 

Once linked, the system will walk you through each step, one at a time. During the process, you will need the following items to be scanned and uploaded to the system:

  1. Proof of Ownership or Agent Authorization (if not the owner)
  2. Site Sketch showing parking available for guest use
  3. San Juan Basin Public Health (SJBPH) OWTS Permit if there is an On-Site Water Treatment System or affirmative statement that there is no OWTS on the property
  4. Proof of Sales Tax Registration with Colorado Department of Revenue (CDOR) or affirmative statement that only AirBNB/VRBO will be used for bookings
  5. Proof of Property Taxes Paid for the property
  6. Proof of Property/Homeowner’s Association Notification or affirmative statement the property is not part of homeowner or property owner association
  7. Vacation Rental Property Disclosure Form (downloadable within system or by clicking here)

After these items are uploaded, you will be prompted to pay your annual fee of $400 either via credit card or e-check.  Once the fees are paid, county staff will review your submissions, and if everything is in order, you will receive your permit, good for 12 months, via email within five (5) business days. Once you receive your permit, you are considered compliant with our permitting requirements and can begin renting your home.

The final step is for the Planning Department Staff to conduct a brief walk-thru verification inspection within your home. Either the Local Contact or the Owner will be contacted to arrange this inspection. Remember, even though this inspection is mandatory, it does not need to be completed before you can begin renting.

Please Note: A Vacation Rental Permit does not transfer from seller to buyer upon a change of property ownership.  New owners must apply for their own permit BEFORE they begin renting their property for short-term rentals.

Please contact Pamela Flowers (970) 264-8381, or if you have any questions.

For assistance with a non-urgent problem related to a Vacation Rental Unit or its guests, you may contact:


 Please Note: We are not obligated to investigate anonymous complaints, but names will remain confidential.