District 3 - Michael Whiting

Michael Whiting
Archuleta County Resident since 2005

Core Values for Government:
Fiscal Conservatism. For the People,By the People. Force honest dialogue. “Local” style politics is the problem. Advocate for lean and effective government driven by market-side standards and practices. Look for practical solutions. Invite new ideas.

Core Values for Community:
Preserving what is right about Archuleta County while dismantling what and who is holding us back. Bad ideas are like weeds, however, if there are enough good ideas in the ground, there is nowhere for the bad to take root. Keep producing good ideas and people. Struggle against anyone who blocks new ideas and leadership. Our community is worth a good fight.

Currently Active:
Archuleta County Commissioner
Elected 2010 – unaffiliated
Re-Elected 2014 - unaffiliated

Southwest Land Alliance, Inc. (SLA) - Director
Ranch & Community Conservation Projects

Universal Operations, LLC - Principal
Business & Nonprofit Strategy

Currently Serves:
CCI Legislative Committee
Critical Energy Initiative (CEI)
Community Foundation Serving Southwest Colorado
Live By Living Cancer Foundation
Southwest Area Agency on Aging
San Juan Basin Board of Health

Recently Served:
Parks, Recreation, Open Space and Trails (PROST) Taskforce - Chaired Two Years
Geothermal Greenhouse Partnership (GGP) - Co-founder
Community Re-visioning and Re-branding Using Renewables
Pagosa Springs Community Development Corporation

Member Of:
Emerging Leaders in Energy and Economic Policy (ELEEP)
Incubating Communities of Influence in Transforming their Economies (I-CITE)
CEDS Advisory Network (Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy)
Colorado Blueprint