VA Benefits

40-1330 Request for Headstone for Veteran

For use in a private cemetery or state owned cemetery for a deceased veteran.
40-1330 Request for Headstone


21-530 Request for Burial Allowance for Deceased Veteran

Applied to funeral and burial expenses for deceased veteran.
21-530 Request for Burial Allowance


SF-180 Request for Military and or Medical Records for Veteran

SF-180 Military/Medical Record Request

Request for Medals or Awards for Veteran

Request for Medals/Awards

21-22 Appointment of Veteran's Representative

Veteran's Representative is authorized to act on behalf of veteran for VA benefits.
Veteran's Representative

To complete these forms - please print out the form, fill out completely and bring to the Veterans Services Officer. We will ensure accuracy and completeness prior to submitting for enrollment. A copy of your DD-214 is required with all applications.