Official Certified Ordinance Copies

The following ordinances are included on our website for informational purposes only. They should not be considered an official public record of the county. To obtain an official/certified copy of any county ordinance, please contact the Clerk and Recorder's Office at (970) 264-8350.

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1-1980 - Regulating the Compliance with Federal Regulation of Refuse Bins

2-1980 - Control of Dogs Running at Large
1-1989 - Regulation of Speed on Piedra Road
2-1989 - Parking of Commercial Vehicles in Residential Subdivisions
4-1990 - Regulating the Dumping of Trash, Junk and Garbage from Vehicles on Public or Private Property
5-1990 - Regulating the Speed of Vehicles in the Pagosa Lakes Subdivisions
5-2000 - Enforcement of Fire Bans (Adopting Fire Safety Standards)
31-2002 - Vaccination, Control and Impoundment of Dogs
6-2003 - County-Wide Curfew for Minors; Curfew Violations, Penalty and Enforcement Provisions of Curfew Violations
7-2003 - County-Wide Curfew Involving Minors; Violations by parents or Guardians, Penalty and Enforcement Provisions of Curfew Violations 
8-2003 - Enforcement of Fire Bans (To Reduce the Danger of Wildfires)
8A-2003 - Noise Levels
1-2008 - Repealing Ordinance No.5-1990 (Pagosa Lake Speed Limits)
9-2008 - Regulations to Abate, Control and Require Removal of Nuisance Activities

9-2008 - Amendment and Restatement of Nuisance Ordinance No. 9-2008
10-2010 - Repealing Medical use of Marijuana Moratorium and Enabling Certain Operations
11-2013 - Enabling the Operation of Certain Medical Marijuana Operations
13-2015 - Regulation and Licensing of Marijuana Business Establishments
17-2016 - Amended and Restated - Adopting Vehicle Type and Speed Regulations
18-2017 - Amended and Restated For the Regulation of Open Burning in the Unincorporated Areas of Archuleta County
20-2018 - Noxious Weed Ordinance
20-2018 - Amended and Restated Noxious Weeds Ordinance - 1st Reading 1-18-2022
21-2019 - 2018 Edition of the Model Traffic Code and Model Traffic Code with Highlighted Revisions
22-2019 - Concerning Noise Levels in Unincorporated Archuleta County
2020-204 - For Vaccination, Control and Impoundment of Dogs in Archuleta County, Colorado

Ordinance Adoption


Pursuant to CRS Section 30-15-405 and 406, county ordinances are typically adopted on first reading at a Board of County Commissioners business meeting. Subsequently, after notice has been provided in the newspaper, the Board of County Commissioners will adopt an ordinance at a second and final reading, which is conducted at a public hearing.

Effective Dates

If adopted as an emergency ordinance, the ordinance will take effect immediately. Otherwise, all ordinances go into effect 30 days after publication after the second and final reading.