Archuleta County's recycling center is now open. The center is located at the Transfer Station on Trujillo Road (CR 500), and open Tuesday through Saturday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. The cost is $2.00 per Residential Load and $6.00 per cubic yard of Commercial recyclables.

The County now has a new recycle baler to process recyclables. We will be baling individual products so we will need them separated in identifiable categories.

Plastics - Please remove all lids and remove contents, no bags
#1 plastic usually identified as pop or water bottles. Clear bottles may not have a number
#2 plastic usually identified as milk or soap jugs
#3-7 plastic would include all plastic containers not identified above.

Paper - Newspaper (advertising inserts are OK)
Other Paper products such as press board (cereal boxes, shoe boxes, etc.), office paper, packing paper, magazines, phone books

Tin Cans - Please remove all contents and rinse cans.

Aluminum Cans - This does NOT include foil pans or aluminum foil. Aluminum cans ONLY. The cans are sold to provide funding for the Environmental Awareness Scholarship. We will handle these as we have been.

Glass - Bottle glass only, color doesn't make a difference. Remove caps, corks, lids. No window glass. This material will be used as aggregate in our leachate collection system during our next cell expansion at the landfill rather than importing washed screened gravel.

Corrugated cardboard will be placed directly into the baler or stockpiled near the hopper when the baler is in use baling another commodity.

For more information, contact the Archuleta County Solid Waste Department.